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Teaching Letter Sounds with Bump Game

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

The game Bump is usually played as a math game, where you match the sum, product, or numbers to the game board. Players take turns trying to get rid of all of their markers. If another player's marker is already on that spot, you can "bump" it back to the player. If someone lands on that spot twice in a row, they can secure it with two markers, and no other player will be able to take the spot. More detailed directions are in this video below:

Use Bump to Teach Math AND Reading

Did you know Bump can be easily modified to teach other content areas too? All you need is a dice or spinner and Blank Bump Game Board. Here are some examples:

  • Match Number or quantity (on spinner) to number (on game board).

  • Roll 2 Dice and match the sum (add) or product (multiply) on the game board.

  • Spin a letter and find the matching letter on the game board. Say the letter sound or a word that starts with that letter to get the point.

  • Write sight words on the spinner. Read the word correctly and find the match on the game board.

  • Match shapes on spinner and game board.

Fun for ALL Ages

What I love about this game is that it is easily modifiable for different ages to play AT THE SAME TIME. In my video example, you see how my 2 year old identifies letter sound while my 6 year old says a word that starts with the sound. For numbers, the younger child can match numbers while the other child solve equations. Print out this FREE blank template to personalize the game for your own children!


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