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Big Sister Prep (Gift from the Baby and Other Goodies)

From the moment my hubby and I knew we were having another baby, we knew one of the most important things we needed to “get right” was how we would tell our daughter and include her as a big sister. Fortunately, she was already excited about the idea of being a big sister, but we wanted make sure this continued once the baby was actually here and competing for our attention and doing other annoying things babies might do. Jie is someone who has always responded well to using books as a way to prepare and understand new big ideas, so I immediately began to research books for little children to help them prepare for a new sibling. Here are the ones we found and really liked:

* Please note as an Amazon Associate, I may receive a small commission for purchases made through links in this post at no cost to you.*

A bit nerve racking was realizing this would be the first time our daughter would be away from us overnight. We wanted to gift her with an overnight bag that would also get her excited, feel special, and stay busy. Some of the goodies we filled her bag with included:

We also included a gift from the baby for his big sister which included:

Her big sister gift bag was something I thought about and worked on over time, but all of my research was done back in 2017, so I am very curious what else has come out since then.What are the books and other materials you’ve gotten for you soon to be older siblings? Please comment or share your favorites, and I would love to add an update to this blog post with more recent recommendations!


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