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Questions for Teachers About Distance Learning

Who has questions about this distance learning stuff??

Last week, my daughter’s teachers held their virtual Back to School night, where they presented the parents with their plan for the year. They thoughtfully asked parents to submit their questions beforehand to ensure they addressed all of them, and could use the additional time for any other questions that come up later. I wanted to share the list of questions I compiled in case it can be helpful for other parents navigating this 2020-2021 school year.

Please use these 20 questions as a starting point. It is a somewhat detailed list, so I would recommend only asking the questions that pertain to your situation, and not bombarding your teacher with irrelevant ones. Hope you enjoy this FREE download! For more updates on Back to School and educational resources, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter. Thanks!

Questions for Distance Learning
Download PDF • 80KB


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