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FUNction Finder

I've been wanting to make this for a while. Finally got around to it and am so excited it was a hit with the kids! There is a "magical" element to this simple craft that elevates the Fun Factor for learning. I love that there are ways to modify the activity to meet the needs of young preschoolers as well as older children.

Here is a quick DIY video on how I made it:

Here is another video of how I explained the activity to my kids. Essentially, the Function Finder is a "machine" where you put in a number (Input), and then it spits out another number (Output) according to a Rule (can be given or unknown for the child to figure out). Even for me, it is still neat to see a different number come out from the one you put in! The two variations for this activity include:

  1. Given: Input and Rule // Unknown: Output (easier)

  2. Given: Input and Output // Unknown: Rule

I love that this tool can be used to practice multiple subjects. For Math, you can use it to practice counting with one to one correspondence, subitizing, solving math facts, finding patterns, etc. For Language Arts, you can use it to work on phonics, such as identifying beginning sounds, or even identifying parts of speech.

Below are different examples of how I used it with my preschooler and first grader.

Thanks for watching!


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